小年將至,李子柒 、青青、未央君等坐標分布在世界各地的漢服愛好者們,提前祝您小年吉祥!

Tomorrow kicks off Xiaonian (literally minor New Year), the day when People celebrate the beginning of the Spring Festival. 

The day falls on the 23rd (Northern China) and 24th (Southern China) of La Yue, the last month on the Chinese calendar. On this day, people clean their homes and pray to the Kitchen God, asking him to say good things for them when he reports to the Jade Emperor.

Groups of people in China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and even Germany dress up in traditional Chinese clothing, Hanfu, to celebrate this day. Hanfu has an over 2000 year history and literally means "Han clothing", the clothing of the Han Chinese, an ethnic group composing more than 90 percent of China's population.

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